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Jenya Dorfman - Her Memory lives on

 Jenya Dorfman, an only daughter, born on 7.07.1985 in Tashkent, immigrated with her mother to Israel from Tashkent in 1994. 

Jenya was a beautiful girl with a great passion to dance. She danced Ballet since she was 9 years old. 

She enjoyed her life in Israel. She loved Israel and her friends and was an optimistic and a wonderful young girl. 

On that horrific Friday night, she went with her friends to enjoy life, dance and be happy like many other teenagers in the world do. But a Palestinian suicide bomber decided that there are children, there are young teenagers who do not deserve to live. Israeli children. 

Jenya was murdered along other 20 young Israelis and more than 100 other Israelis were injured. Jenya was mortally injured and was fighting for her life for the next 18 days after the explosion. The prayers did not help and she died on the 19th. 

Jenya Dormfan died before turning 16. Faina Dorfman, Jenya's mother dedicates her life to preserve Jenya's memory and message of love that Jenya carried in her life andher dreams for a beautiful world where all children can dance freely and enjoy life


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